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Chess_qll44.png(44 × 44 pixeli, mărime fișier: 3 KB, tip MIME: image/png)

Acest fișier provine de la Wikimedia Commons și poate fi folosit și în cadrul altor proiecte. Descrierea de mai jos poate fi consultată la pagina de descriere a fișierului.

This image is used in the standard chess diagram template.

Any modifications should be confirmed in WikiProject Chess.

The image uses the shape copied from program xBoard, was created by Arvindn and modified by Klin.

The naming is as follows: chess_xyz44.png where

  • x is the piece designation in English algebraic notation (k for king, q for queen, r for rook, b for bishop, n for knight, p for pawn)
  • y is l or d according as the piece is a white (l) piece or a black (d) piece,
  • z is l or d according as the piece stands on a light square or a dark square.


Pawns for other games:

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